Mona Lisa Dallas

Mona Lisa Touch — Dallas Partners

Mona Lisa's Dallas-based partners wanted a striking campaign to promote their emerging medical technology (vaginal rejuvenation laser). Since a wide variety of women can struggle with intimate disorders (new moms, post-menopausal women, and women who have struggled with certain illnesses, just to name a few) the Dallas partners were looking for a variety of ways to communicate the treatment's benefits.*

All four concepts revolve around themes of female empowerment and self-acceptance. Each uses a different tone of voice to appeal to certain segments of the diverse women who could benefit from this procedure.

Concept 1: Feel like a masterpiece.

Concept 2: The bold voice.

Concept 3: Don't let your vagina define you.

Concept 4: Be in the moment.

*Since creating these campaign concepts, the FDA has warned against the use of these devices. I have chosen to keep this work active on my site as I still stand behind the empowerment messaging on which the campaigns are based.