Capital One

Capital One Café Grand Openings — Experiential Activation



Each person is one of a kind, and we brought that to life by giving people the opportunity to create a unique piece of artwork using biometric data. 


Capital One wanted to create a unique traveling experience to celebrate the grand openings of their new Capital One Cafés all across the country. Participants answered a short quiz and watched a video while their facial expressions (and other biometric data) were being tracked in real time. At the end, they received a personalized piece of artwork that represented their emotions and reactions. The creative deliverables I worked on covered a huge range from outdoor (the booth itself, signs, flyers) and email messaging to working with Lightwave to develop the quiz and the video. By the middle of 2017, the event had already taken place at 4 cafés with over 600 participants.


Capital One Content — Travel Infographic



This infographic was created for Capital One as part of their overarching content strategy. Two fully independent concepts were put through user testing before launching one live.


As for longer form work, here are a few examples of pieces I wrote for different lanes of their business: 

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